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The University must prioritise active diversity policies, including decolonization

The UvA should offer free menstrual products at each campus

The UvA should invest in more accessibility for students with functional limitations as well as sensitivity towards these students

All board members of study associations should receive equal financial support from the University

All lectures should be available online for everyone

Students wishing to take honours courses should be able to do so based on their motivation, regardless of their grades

More investment is needed in interdisciplinary education (providing students with more than just one perspective on a particular subject, such as is done in honours, PPLE or IIS programs)

As a way to curb the growth of the university, Dutch language courses should be a mandatory part of all programs

It is the government’s responsibility to provide mental health support for students. Therefore, the university should not spend extra resources on this

The Binding Study Advice (BSA) should be abolished

There should be mandatory attendance for tutorials

The university should be allowed to limit the number of international students

Calling the police is an appropriate response by the university to deal with student protests and demonstrations

The university should stop the prioritisation of students from outside the EU in regard to the university provided student housing

The Numerus Fixus should be used to stopthe growth of the university

The UvA should address problems such as systemic overwork and bad working conditions among its teachers by giving out more permanent contracts

The executive board of the university should be elected through an open election by the students and worker’s body

Student councils should support occupations as a legitimate means of protest at the university

Admission to programs with a limited student capacity should be based on selection procedure rather than random selection through a lottery system

All food options should be plant based by default

The university lacks sufficient readily accessible gender-neutral toilets

The canteen should be deprivatized

Academic freedom is the most important value to uphold for a university