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Decisions must be made as decentralised as possible.

The Rector Magnificus and deans must be (directly) elected by students and staff.

The University must take into account the holidays of all religions.

The University must prioritize active diversification, including decolonisation, as mentioned in the 2016 Diversity Report.

Vegan or vegetarian food - with optional meat options - should be the standard in the canteen, so the University can lead the example in terms of sustainability.

Every student must be able to pay per study point at the UvA (flexible studying).

Students wishing to take honours courses should be able to do so based on their motivation, regardless of their grades.

Programmes should decide for themselves whether English will improve the quality of education.

The University is internationalising too quickly.

The UvA should invest more in supporting the mental health of students.

Entry selection is detrimental to the accessibility of the university and should not take place.