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Money put into student participation by the University should be invested in free beer for students.

All lectures should be available online, independently of the quarantine.

Decisions must be made as decentralised as possible.

The Rector Magnificus and deans must be (directly) elected by students and staff.

The University must invest more in improving the silent rooms.

The University must take into account the holidays of all religions.

The University must prioritize active diversification, including decolonisation, as mentioned in the 2016 Diversity Report.

Vegan or vegetarian food - with optional meat options - should be the standard in the canteen, so the University can lead the example in terms of sustainability.

Study associations should be encouraged and financially supported by the University.

Every student must be able to pay per study point at the UvA (flexible studying).

The University must invest more in sustainability.

Students wishing to take honours courses should be able to do so based on their motivation, regardless of their grades.

More investment is needed in interdisciplinary education (providing students with more than just one perspective on a particular subject, such as honours, PPLE or IIS programmes)

Programmes should decide for themselves whether English will improve the quality of education.

The University is internationalising too quickly.

The UvA should invest more in supporting the mental health of students.

Prioritizing efficiency in education leads to belittling of students and must therefore disappear.

Budget cuts should come at the expense of smaller educational programmes.

Members of a Programme Committee (a representative advisory body of the individual study programmes) should be elected by the group they represent.

Course coordinators must have the freedom to make decisions about education, such as the content of courses and examination.

There should be no sanctions for absence from lectures and tutorials.

The UvA must actively facilitate the transfer from HBO (university of applied sciences) to WO (academic university education).

The Binding Study Advice (BSA) should be abolished.

The University should tailor curricula based on the needs of the labour market.

Entry selection is detrimental to the accessibility of the university and should not take place.

Student parties that receive any kind of support from external parties, such as national political parties or companies, should be excluded from participating in the student council elections.